Essay on the population problem of India



The population of India at present is about 50 crores at present India produces about 12 million babies every year which is equivalent to the population of Australia, a big continent.

India which is one-fifth in size of the world land area has about 1 /5th of the world population. No wonder the country is not able to maintain a good standard of living or meet its food requirements satisfactorily.

The Government of India has launched an ambitious plan to control the growth of population. One of the most important measures is in regard to Family Planning. The Union Health Ministry has appointed a large number of doctors to promote Family Planning throughout the country.

A large number of Family Planning clinics have been set up everywhere to supply to the people loops and other surgical and clinical equipment necessary for birth control. The Family Planning unit of the Government has a large budget at its command not only to provide millions of loops and undertake millions of sterilisation operations but also to conduct publicity among the masses not only in the cities but also in the villages on the advantages of Family Planning.

The publicity campaign emphasises that it is in the interests of every family to keep it confined to 3 or 4 members. It has been brought out that more members mean more liabilities not only to the family or its earning member but also rather are disadvantageous for the country as a whole.

The success of the Family Planning measures depends to a large extent on the success of the implements suggested for birth control. The present methods of birth control are obsolete and harmful. Pill hannones and the loop have not proved a success. Although cheap, the loop has not been found medically perfect. The research for a more suitable and cheap implements needs to be carried out and the right method to be invented.

In the villages there is a natural psychological resistance to Family Planning. The village doctor and his staff need not work hard to propagate the advantages of adopting Family Planning measures and to practically help the couples in finding appropriate methods of birth control.