Characteristics of Super Class Pisces



Characteristics of Super Class Pisces are given below:

1) They are aquatic vertebrates that live in water. They have representation both in fresh waters and in marine waters and are also represented in brackish waters.

2) Their body is invariably stream lined and they swim with the help of tail.

3) They have paired appendages in the form of fins. Unpaired fins are also present. Fins help in balancing during swimming.

4) They have lateral line system that helps them to know the disturbances in the near by environment. The system is a unique sense organ.

5) Their body is covered by dermal scales. The scales provide them protection. Scales of fishes arise from the dermis layer hence are deep seated.

6) They respire with the help of gills.

7) Fishes have a two chambered heart and there is a single circulation of blood.

8) Respiration is typically by pharyngeal gills, varying from 5 to 7 on each side; some possess lungs.

9) Skin is generally covered by protective dermal scales; skin glandular.

10) Nasal cavity is not connected to the buccal cavity.

11) Internal skeleton is either cartilaginous or bony.

12) Sexes are separate; fertilization is external or internal.

13) Gonads and true gonoducts are present.

14) Amnion is absent.