318 words short essay on ragging in school, colleges and universities



The dictionary explains term, as having fun or poking fun at someone; to tease. Obviously, it implies some mild and harmless jokes.

Ragging, however, would not be an issue of concern, had it been, indeed, only a form of fun. It might have been so, once upon a time. Hardly anyone would mind in imitating a donkey or a sing numbers, to have some fun and laughter. But, unfortunately ragging is not confined to such mild form.

No sane person could call it as fun, to make a fresher strip. It will bring only mental agony. Is it possible that such experience could make them "feel at home" in their new environs and build a strong bond with the seniors? What it does, instead, is to blight a bright career or even end up altogether, as the victim sometimes would be driven to commit suicide.

It is widely brought in action, although banned by law. Yet, this sadistic form of behaviour is spreading its tentacles in our educational institutions. Aping the West indiscriminately, the Indian youth has taken to ragging. Ragging, once rampant in the West, is now on the wane across the West. We still practice their decadent practices, even after their discarding the practice.

We have forgotten to distinguish between what as decent and indecent. Cultural values have got confused and eroded. Vulgar ragging is only an offshoot of such chaotic world, wherein there has been a vacuum of values and meaningful outlet for energy and creativity.

Sensitivity to human and social problems must be inculcated amongst our youth. Their creativity arising from imagination should be given a chance to develop along constructive channels. This alone could bring an end to such obnoxious practice, rampant across our educational institutions.