Short essay for kids on my favorite festival



India is a multi-cultural nation with many languages, religions, customs and festivals. Most of the festivals have a religious and mythological background.

Cutting across religious lines each festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and traditional gaiety by the people. In particular, children long for the day when they get a chance to enjoy. They prepare for the festival well in advance.

Parents buy new clothes for the family members; the house gets cleaned, whitewashed and decorated. Even roads and public places like shopping malls wear a new look. Everything begins to glitter and gleam. My favourite festival is DiwalL It usually falls during winter. Diwali is called a festival of lights and sound.

Laxmi Puja is performed in the house a family prays together. People greet relatives and friends with sweets and hug one another. The shops on the streets are lighted with glittering bulbs. But, the festival reaches pinnacle by the evening, the houses are lit with candles and electric light. Children burst crackers. In the deafening sounds of bombs and crackers, people tend to lose worries and everybody has a smile on his (her) face. Sky looks like a permanent rainbow.

There is a riot of lights of different hues. But sadly the wrong practice of bursting crackers has led to sound and air pollution. A new awakening has been in vogue against the use of crackers on Diwali and children in proliferation, saying absolute no to crackers. Diwali has been a beautiful festival, for it leads to goodwill and friendship among different sections of the people. People bury their old enmity, forget and forgive the enemies. Diwali, as such brings peace and joy, which has made me adopt the festival as my favourite.