Short Biography of Gama Pehalwan - famous wrester of India



Yhmed Baksh Gama, popularly known as Gama Pehalwan, was a famous wrester of India. He was born in Datiya in Jhansi and belonged to a Kashmiri family. From his childhood he had a taste and courage for wresting.

Gama Pehalwan had an in-depth knowledge of the Indian style of wrestling. Once Gama Pehalwan challenged an English wresder in England and defeated him.

He also defeated famous international wrestlers such as Maurice Deniyaz and Ormond and achieved invincibility in the ring. In 1906, Gama became victorious against Khalifa Gulam Allaudin and was awarded Aftab-Hind.

Although he was only 41//2 feet in height, not fit for a wresder, but his achievement is a proof of the fact that height never became a hurdle in his life. He got an opportunity in the world wrestling competition and there he defeated Deviskow. In 1960, this famous wresder left the world forever in Lahore.