Short Paragraph for kids on sports day in our school

We had our annual sports on the 21st of this month. The day was full of fun and excitement. The school building, the main gate and the playground were well decorated. Both boys and girls took part in it. The preparation started a week earlier. At 9 A.M. the Principal of our school declared the sports open. There was March past by the players, beating of the drums and clapping. The Principal took the salute. The events included races, jumps and other track events. I took part in 80 and 50 meters race. In 50 meters race I came out first. I was given a silver cup. The relay race was won by the girl's team. In long jump Harish won the first prize. He is in the sixth grade. The events closed with a prize giving ceremony. The prizes were given away by the Chairman of a Games Club.