168 Words Essay for kids on my parents



Child is known by his family. I come of a noble family. Shri Mr. Suresh Sharma is my father. He is a teacher in a Government School.

He gives special attention to poor and weak students so all the students respect him. He is about fifty. He helps every one. He helps me in my studies. He loves me very much.

Mrs. Radha Sharma is my mother. She is a noble lady. She is forty-five years old. She is a teacher. She is very hard working lady. She keeps the house neat and clean.

She gets up early in the morning. She gives bed tea to my father early in the morning. She prepares breakfast for all of us. She teaches well in the school her students lover her very much.

She wears a sari. She makes me ready for school. She helps me in my studies also. She keeps the house neat and clean. She loves me very much. In short, I am proud of my parents.