160 Words Essay for kids on my family



I come of a noble family. My family is small. My family is well-known in the city. There are five members in my family, my grandmother, my parents, my sister and .I is the eldest son of my parents.

My sister is younger than me my sister's name geeta. Geeta and I go to the same school. She is in the second grade. She loves me very much. I also love her.

My father is a teacher. He is a tall man. His age is 42 years. My mother is a housewife. She is 40 years old.

She loves me very much. She looks after my needs well. My parents are loving and kind.

My grandmother is an old lady. She is 75 years old. She tells us tales at night. Ours is a small but happy family.

All our neighbours love us. We are peace-loving people and never fight with the neighbours. My family is a very happy family.