186 Words Essay for kids on a rainy day



Everyone was in great discomfort. Suddenly clouds began to gather in the sky. The whole sky was overcast.

It grew very dark. The sun went behind the clouds. There were strong winds. Then came a heavy rain. Before it there were thunder and flashes of lightning. People ran here and there seeking shelter.

It rained for an hour. There was water and water everywhere. The roads and drains were flooded. Low-lying places turned into small pools. The patterning of big rain drops produced a strange music. In that noise nothing else could be heard.

As soon as the rain stopped, children came out rushing. They began to play in the pools. They splashed water on each other. They ran through the water shouting with joy.

I also wanted to join them, but mother did not allow me. Therefore, I enjoyed myself with sailing paper-boats.

People were moving about with umbrellas. Some wore rain-coats and caps. The rain gave all a great relief. It was a boon for the farmers.