Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the insanitary condition of the street and bad state of roads




I wish to request you to publish the following lines in your esteemed newspaper under the columns "Letters to the Editor." That our colony is a miniature hell on this earths it has not been repaired for the last many years. It is full of pitfalls. During the rainy season, water accumulates and stagnates. Mosquitoes breed there and spread malaria. The sweepers and the water carriers do not work properly.

The drains give out foul smell. There is no dustbin in our street. People throw the garbage in the streets and hereby create to unhealthy conditions. Some people keep their cows and buffaloes in the street and do not remove the dung. Such a bad state of the road sometimes causes accidents. The authorities therefore should take necessary action. We have brought these things to the notice of area Health Supervisor and The Zonal Health Commissioner but to no apparent result. If immediate steps are not taken in this connection the insanitary conditions may become a serious threat to the health of the residents of this locality. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,