Write a letter to the Municipal Authorities complaining about the poor roads and lights in your locality




I wish to draw your attention towards the poor maintenance of roads and lights in our locality.

The roads in our locality have not been repaired for a long time. There are pits and ditches on the roads everywhere. The condition of the road becomes all the worst during the rainy season. They cause road accident. At night people sometimes stumble down. Moreover, these pits provide breeding ground for the mosquitoes. Thus there is an outbreak of mosquitoes in the locality leading to the spread of malaria.

Besides, most of the street lights in our locality are out of order. Only a few street lights are functioning. It is darkness in the locality. It has caused a spurt in the incidence of crime in the area. People do not find it safe to go out of their houses with the prevailing of darkness. There are frequent incidents of chain snatching in the evening hours. Particularly ladies are unsafe in coming out of their houses in the dark. Snatching, burglary and theft have become the order of the day. The hooligans after committing crimes take advantage of the darkness and safely run away.

I, therefore, request you to kindly take necessary action to mend the ways so that people of the area have good roads and street lights.

Thanking you,