152 Words Short paragraph on the Cow for kids

The cow is a domestic animal. Hin­dus also worship her and call her "Gau Mata". The cow is a four-footed animal, with two horns and a long tail. In America cows do not have horns. Cows are found everywhere in the world. Her size, shape and colour dif­fers from country to country. Cows give us milk. Motherless babies are given her milk. Cow's milk makes us strong and healthy. From her milk we get many milk products like butter, ghee, cheese, curd, etc. Many people think that if we want to get pure and fresh milk, it is better to keep a cow.Cow's hide is used to make shoes and belts. Cow dung is best for agriculture. It is also used as fuel in villages. Her calves become bullocks, they plough the farmer's field. The cow is thus a very useful domestic animal. She helps farmers as well as common man.