833 Words Essay on Relations (free to read)



The statement 'Relations - a tedious pack of people who have not the slightest idea how to live or to die' is a telling commentary on the cultural upheavals that have overtaken our generation. There was a time - not long ago - when the arrival of a relation was an occasion for celebration. He was welcomed with open arms not only by his brother or sister but also by his nephew and niece. The best bed in house was offered to him. The choicest dishes were prepared in his honour. In short, he was given a V.I.P. treatment.

Visit of a relation these days is a bad news. His arrival portends a chain of incon­veniences. The hassled housewife has to adjust to different breakfast and lunch tim­ings of the guests. The children may feel threatened that they might miss this favourite T.V. serial if the relation insists on hearing both Hindi and English News. In any case, they can't chit-chat with their friends in the drawing room as the relations keep occu­pying the sofas almost permanently. If they go to bed early, the drawing room is converted into a bed room at 9 P.M. Privacy of children is threatened. Their tutor, if they have one, is inconvenienced in his teaching in the presence of relations.

Physical inconvenience is not the worst thing caused by relations. They may start commenting on the hair-styles of the youngsters or their free-mixing with boy-friends and girl-friends. They may be inspired to give unsolicited advice to their hosts as to how they should control their children and impose restrictions on their movement in the evening.

If the relations have a rural background they may speak at length on the virtues of cooking the meals in the Desi Ghee and making use of "Malai" for the care of the skin you may put up with the elder relations, but you may find adjusting to your cousins, who happen to study in the wrong type of schools in wrong type of cities. Having had all your education in convent schools, you might have developed taste in western music and English songs. Your cousin may like to listen to the latest hits of Hindi film songs on your precious compact-disc-system. You may not find it simply tedious but revolting if the choice of your cousin is diametrically opposed to yours.

Living in apartment houses in cities, you may find your privacy violently disturbed by intruding relatives. They may meddle with your books, paintings, or other possessions. They may spoil the looks of your bath rooms by keeping their garment! Unmethodically, if you are a sensitive type, you may actually feel very much harassed by the thick-skinned relatives.

But this is only one side of the story. Being a social animal, you can no more afford to ignore your relations just as you cannot afford to ignore your friends. All important events of life become enjoyable and exciting if these are shared with you close friends and relatives. How dull and insipid will be a birthday party which is not attended by at least half a dozen cousins of your age. Your aunt may bake a delicious cake. Your uncle really knows what type of dress you like specially.

Will not marriage ceremonies lose much of their charm if all near relations disso­ciate from the festivities and only a handful of formal friends are present? Ladies Sangeet forms the most interesting part of a girl's marriage ceremony, while hangar dancers add a colourful dimensions to a boy's marriage ceremony. The presence of a few experienced and expert friends at the ladies Sangeet or Boy's hangar make all the difference in making the performance memorable or dull. No doubt, friends are great help in time of an illness or during an accident. But people, who keep on chang­ing their place of service and colleagues, cannot possibly make many steady and dependable friends. It is a relation who would come to your aid during emergencies. He would spend nights in the hospital ward, arrange medicine and help with domes­tic work. It is at the time of death of a parent, that your near relations offer you whole­hearted assistance.

They would make all arrangements for the funeral while consoling the bereaved family members. In Indian society, it would be considered a great misfortune if the funeral procession of somebody's grandfather or father is a non-descript affair attended by a few persons and not by a thronging crowd. It is the size of the funeral procession which speaks of the popularity of the deceased or the status of a family in society.

One has to be unselfish, considerate and sacrificing if one has to maintain good relations with close relatives. You cannot take them for granted. You must help them in time of need if you expect a similar helpful assistance from them. Cousins and uncles and aunts in the similar age group can be the best of friends if one only tries hard and conscientiously to befriend them.