228 Words Short Essay on My Favourite Place - Mussoorie



In my short life of seven years, I have not travelled extensively. But of only a few places that I accompanied my parents, Mussoorie impressed me very much.Mussoorie is a hill station. It is not far from Dehra Doon. The vehicle that carried us from Dehra Doon dropped us at the bus stand of Mussoorie, a hill station on the Himalayas. From the bus-stand, we took acyclic rickshaw to reach the mall, where my father had booked a room at the beautiful hotel called 'Hill view Hotel'.

We occupied a room on the first floor, facing the main road. The hotel faced a large area of the valley down; where the horizon comes down to touch the greenery on earth. After dusk, the town of Dehra Doon downward looks like a sky lit with glittering lamps shining like stars. On the mall, we took our morning and evening strolls. My parents purchased fruits, cakes and pastries. They brought me some woolen garments and picture books.

The local people seemed to be simple hearted, gentle and helpful. The staff members of the hotel were very cordial. We had spent about a week in Mussoorie with immense joy and pleasure. We had also visited a few spots around in a cab for sight seeing.

Whenever I am alone, the sweet memories of my days at Mussoorie engulf my mind.