165 Words Essay on Muharram for kids



Muharram is a great Muslim Festival. It is more an occasion of mourning than rejoicing, because the Muslims mourn the death of Hassan and Husain, the two grandsons of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad, who were killed in the battle field of Karbala in Mecca.

The Muslims take out large procession with 'Tizzies' in the streets to demonstrate a mock fight, imitating that held at Karbala. They carry lances and long sticks which they display with the beats of drums.

They are divided into two groups and engage themselves in mock war. After the war, they lament and beat their chests in sorrow with the cries of 'Hassan! Husain!' They make all structures of bamboo, cover them with paper and paint them beautifully.

These are called the Tizzies and represent the tomb build over the grave of Hussain.On the day of Muharram, the Muslims offer alms to the poor, and feed the hungry men and women. On the following day, they throw the Tania into the water.