Write a letter to a friend, congratulating him on his recovery from a long illness



My dear Vivek,

I was very happy to learn that you have recovered from typhoid which had confined you to bed for some weeks. I congratulate you on your return to health, in spite of the fact that you have lost the prerogatives of a sick man of which Charles Lamb speaks. Did you feel the truth of what Lamb says in The Convalescent, which we studied last year ? Lamb, of course, writes from one point of view, and that too in a vein of humour, and, really speaking, recovery from illness is a 'fall' that one should rejoice over.

If I write in this literary manner about your illness, it is because I know that illness, once it is past, is usually regarded as something trivial and unimportant. Don't you now dismiss your illness as a petty thing, though, when it lasted, you were obsessed with it and thought of nothing else?

Health is one of the greatest blessings of life. I hope that you will pay more attention to it, so that you may never fall a victim to illness again. Except for this lesson to be learnt, you should forget all about your illness.

Now that you are well, you have no excuse for not writing,