314 Words Essay on the Autobiography of a Circus Elephant



Just look at me. I am a huge animal about twice the height of a man. I have a broad back, small eyes and ears like fans. My nose is long and is called a trunk. My trunk has great strength. I can use it for lifting things. I can uproot a big tree with my trunk. I work in a circus and entertain people.

Sometimes, when I am resting, I remember the happy days I spent as a calf in the jungle. There we used to wander about in a herd. We led an adventurous and exciting life.

One sad day a few of us were caught in a trap. We were taken to a circus and trained to do various tricks. Being intelligent, we learn our job very quickly.

We never remain long in any place. We entertain people for a month or so. We have two shows daily and three on holidays. We work hard to make the show a success. Then we move on to the next place.

We have got accustomed to this roaming life. We are treated well and we are not unhappy. Yet we are not free. We would much rather live in a jungle and be free than obey orders and entertain people. But we have no choice in the matter. So we just have to go on doing just as we are told, we must face life as it is and not long for what is beyond our reach.