417 Words Essay on my Experience of a Storm



There was peculiar stillness in the air; not a leaf stirred, not whiff of wind blew. It looked like calm before the storm. Unmindful of these foreboding signs, my friend and I set out for a long walk along the beach.

We had done about half an hour's walk, when we noticed far off in the sky a speck of black; cloud which became denser and denser, and soon the sky was overcast, rendering the atmosphere gloomy and dismal. Just as we decided to turn back homewards we were greeted by a cool, soft breeze, which within few minutes turned into a strong gale. It blew restlessly harder and harder so that we could hardly stand against it. Hurriedly we took shelter in a solitary hut close by.

Hardly had we got into the empty abode when down came the rain with all its fury, accompanied by peals of thunder and flashes of lightning. The thunder-claps were so deafeningly loud and the flashes across so terrifically bright that we were almost frightened to death.

For over an hour we were held up, and during that time the storm raged, causing much havoc. Huge waves rolled on the sea and the hapless fishermen who went out to sea to cast nets were caught in the storm. We watched the unfortunate men clinging to their battered boats as they were tossed up and down the high seas. Brave men they were! They successfully weathered the storm after an hour's terrible ordeal.

When the storm abated and finally calm set in, one could see the destruction it had caused. Trees were uprooted, roofs were blown off, and lashing angry waves caused a deep breach in the wall that protected the fisher folks' dwellings, inundating the whole locality.

Never did we witness a more horrible scene than this. We thanked God for our safety and secretly prayed that another dreadful experience like this should not befall us.