Short note on Personal, Physical and Mental Hygiene



Personal hygiene relates to a person's realisation of his duties toward his body and in trying to keep it clean and healthy as a matter of daily routine. Perhaps, more than good and nutritious food, it is personal hygiene, which is more necessary and central to a person's physical and mental well-being.

All the effects of bringing up may be nullified or, at least reduced to a great extent, if a person does not observe the routine of personal hygiene. It is the basis of good health. As such, personal hygiene should rate high on the priorities of a school programme.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the intimate concern of an individual; it is a response to especially acceptable standards and norms of behavior, conduct and upkeep. Personal hygiene is of two types: -

(a) Physical.

(b) Mental.

Physical Hygiene

It relates to general cleanliness and physical appearance and upkeep of an individual so that he subscribes to minimum social standard and is not a drag on his group. One should look neat, should not be smelling foul, should not look sickening and uncouth, reasonably well turned out and, should have a 'clean' presence.

Mental Hygiene

It relates to preservations of good mental health and therefore, influences the school programme. It consists of adjustment of the pupils to all school situations. As such, the aim of mental hygiene is to help every individual in the attainment of fuller, happier, more harmonious and more effective existence.

In this regard mental health describes how well an individual is adjusted to the demands and opportunities of life.