What are the remedies for Malnutrition?



1. Provision of Balanced Diet

For the eradication of malnutrition the arrangement of balanced diet is the prior necessity but this is only possible when teacher guides the parents or guardians about the need of balanced diet.

Teacher should tell them about the essential elements of the diet. Parents or guardians must also be told about the right food and the cautions taken in preparing food and in feeding them. In fact, the right diet at right time saves the children from malnutrition.

2. Proper Education of Housewives

Women and housewives must be educated for bringing up children, proper cleanliness at home, preparation of balanced diet, proper psychological behaviour, family budgeting etc. and they will not let their children be affected by malnutrition.

Making study of Home Science compulsory for girl students may help in this direction. Adult education centers and other social organs may help spread this message in the villages, and help women become better housewives.

3. Regular Medical Checkup

Frequent medical check up should be carried out for identifying and preventing cases of malnutrition. The doctor should therefore advise teachers and parents how to cure malnutrition.

Proper record should be maintained. Teachers and parents must act on the doctor's advice, and take remedial measures as directed.

4. Taking Children Out

The children are in the growing stage, as such, their weight must be checked regularly. They must gain weight, if not, the cause must be investigated thoroughly, and balanced diet and regular exercise recommended if need be.

5. Healthy Environment

Home and school environment should be healthy to enable children fight malnutrition. This should be in addition to balanced diet.

There should be proper arrangement for clean water, clean air, sunlight and cleanliness at home and at school. This will guard children against malnutrition.

6. Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene as well as to keep their body and clothes clean will help prevent malnutrition among children. The utility of personal hygiene must be impressed upon children and there should be periodic checks to ensure its compliance.

7. Regular Games & Exercise

Physical training, games and exercise should be made compulsory for children so that all parts of their body are toned up and they do not fall prey to malnutrition.

8. Mid-day Meals

Heavily subsidised, mid-day meals are necessary for children who are poor and/or suffer from malnutrition. One should be honest about it because it relates to very important area-national health.