Application to the Principal of your School about Change of Section



I am a student of Section B of X class in your school. And my Roll Ho. is 35. I want to change my section from B' to "A" because two-three friends of mine are in section 'A' of class X. They also live in the same colony where I live. One of them, Mr. Manish Kumar, is my next door neighbour.

I am a poor student and-cannot afford to buy a few of the text-books and all the help-books. It is allowed this change of section; this would also help me a lot in borrowing or studying these books with them. This will also help me in preparing my lessons and homework with their studies. That way I am sure to do better in my examination.

I am a disciplined and hard-working student, and all my teachers are well satisfied with my work, conduct and results. I am sure, Sir that you will very kindly and immediately grant my request. I shall ever remain grateful for this favour.

Yours obediently,