Write a Letter to a Friend asking him to lend you his camera



My dear Ashutosh,

For a long time we have not met. However, I hope you are in the best of your health and spirits. My dear, you are my most intimate and old friend. Our bonds of friendship are very strong and abiding, and therefore, I have no hesitation in asking you to lend me your camera.

Next month I am going on an educational tour and need a fine and automatic camera. Your camera is the best choice for this purpose. I shall take good care of it, and return the same soon when back from the trip. You know my own camera is an old one and does not give satisfactory result.

I believe and hope that you can easily and happily lend me your new and costly camera for the trip. I shall ever be thankful to you for this favour.

I look forward to your early and positive reply. With best wishes and a basketful of love.

Yours sincerely