Sample Letter to Father about Your Exam Preparation



My dear father,

I am very much obliged to you for the affectionate letter you have sent last week and the meaningful and valuable advice the letter contains. Tell mother and all elderly ones in the family that I think of them often. But I am quite well and feel natural though separated from home.

Having followed your instructions regarding health and study I have been greatly benefitted. I have been all along trying to be careful and sincere in the choice of companions. The annual Council examination is fast approaching and there is no time to spare. In the class I am following my teachers with keen interest.

In addition to my old habit of taking exercise regularly I am reading the text books regularly. In the hostel the direct supervision of the college authorities is immensely beneficial and the arrangements are quite satisfactory. My sincere efforts in study and the good company I have been keeping help me in fostering the habits needed for a successful career.

Though the examination is drawing nearer I do not have worries despite the uncertainty of questions that are sure to come. As regards my preparations I am self confident and expect that I must fare well. Last year I hadn't scored good marks in English and Mathematics since I could not go through the stupendous course even once. Besides my textual preparation, we are discussing the subjects as per the old adage "discussion makes a ready man". In the hostel there is an atmosphere of studies. We are mindful of our studies and most of us grow up with a harmonious development of our intellect, health and social habits.

Thus, I expect that you will not be worried much about my examination as I have all the while been diligent and studious. Last thing I would like to tell you is that you would send me money to procure some essential books from the local book sellers. How are you keeping up there ? I am doing well. Please, tender my love and affection to younger brothers and sisters.

Your affectionate son

………………………… (Your Name)