Sample Letter of Sympathy to Your Friend who has been Involved in a Road Accident



My dear Friend, (Name)

Raj called today in the evening to tell me that you were involved in an accident while driving home on your motor-bike. I was wondering why you have not been coming to the college for the last three days. Really, believe me, the college is just not the same charming place without you.

I am told that the accident is not very serious, but still I feel very much distressed because your left arm has been slightly fractured and is now in plaster. It will take at least a month before your plaster is removed. Thank god, your uncle is a doctor and he is in the same hospital where you were taken immediately after the accident by a young man. It is a matter of great relief that you escaped with a minor fracture.

With best wishes for speedy recovery, I hope to be with you very soon.

Yours ever sincerely,

Your Name