Main steps needed in the drafting of questionnaire or schedule



Main steps needed in the drafting of questionnaire or schedule

Questionnaire or Schedule

Meaning. In practical life, schedule or questionnaire has same meaning. But) theoretical aspect, difference is made between a schedule and questionnaire.

If investigator himself fills the form by asking face to face questions to informants, it be called a schedule, but on the other hand if the same work is done by sending '' form to the informant and informant himself fills the form and sends it back, the in is called questionnaire.

Drafting of a Questionnaire or Schedule

The following are the main steps in the drafting of questionnaire or schedule.

1. Decision Regarding Questions:

To frame questionnaire or schedule, we have at first to decide regarding various questions to be incorporated. This decision of the selection of questions depends upon the purpose of enquiry. In this regard, precaution should be adopted to avoid irrelevant or unnecessary questions.

2. Types of Questions:

Next step of drafting the questionnaire or schedule is to decide about the way in which questions have to be asked? Questions can be asked in a number of ways like.

(a) Simple Alternative Questions:

These questions may be answered between two alternatives such as yes or no, for instance,

Do you have a Car? Yes


Do you take drink? Yes


Are you interested in higher study? : Yes


(b) Multiple Choice Questions:

Multiple questions can be answered in a number of ways. For instance

How do you go to you office?

(i) On Foot (ii) By Cycle (iii) By Car (iv) By Local Bus

What is your marital status?

(i) Married (ii) Unmarried (iii) Widow (iv) Divorced

(c) Specific Information Questions:

Such questions are asked to obtain some specific information. For example.

(i) Are you married?

(ii) Are you unemployed?

(iii) Are you semi-employed?

(d) Open End Questions:

Such questions leave the door open to any answer. For example,

(i) How can the problem of unemployment be solved?

(ii) How can the industrial growth rate be maintained?

(iii) What is your monthly income?

3. Decision Regarding Question Wording:

Another step to draft questionnaire or schedule is to decide about the wording of different questions. Questions used in questionnaire or schedule should be worded in such a manner that they must be easily understood by the respondents. Terms should be clearly defined in the questions.

4. Decision Regarding Order of Questions:

The last but not least it relates to the decision regarding the place of different questions in the sequence. Questions should be adjusted in such a manner that there are no sudden jumps. One question should lead to and flow into another.