How to really eradicate poverty in India?



How to really eradicate poverty in India?

The following measures can go a long way to reduce the inequalities of income. They are:

1. More Employment Opportunities:

Poverty can be eliminated by provide more employment opportunities so that people may be able to meet their basic needs" For this purpose, labour intensive rather than capital intensive techniques can help solve the problem to a greater extent.

During the Sixth and Seventh Five Year Plans, programmes like Integrated Rural Development Programme, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme etc. have started with a view eliminate poverty in the rural sector.

2. Minimum Needs Programme:

The programme of minimum needs can help to reduce poverty. This fact was realized in the early seventies as benefits of growth; not percolate to poor people and less developed countries are left with no choice ex to pay direct attention to the basic needs of the low strata of the society. In the Five Year Plan, minimum needs programme was introduced for the first time.

3. Social Security Programmes:

The various social security schemes Workmen's Compensation Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Provident Fund Act, Employ, State Insurance Act and other benefits in case of death, disability or disease while duty can make a frontal attack on poverty.

4. Establishment of Small Scale Industries:

The policy of encouraging c and small industries can help to create employment in rural areas especially in backward regions. Moreover, this will transfer resources from surplus areas to deficit without creating much problem of urbanization.

5. Uplift of Rural Masses:

As it is mentioned that India lives in villages, various schemes for the uplift of rural poor may be started. The poor living, in rural areas generally belong to the families of landless agricultural labourers, small marginal farmers, village artisans, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. However must be remembered that Government of India has introduced many schemes from time to time.

6. Land Reforms:

Land reforms have the motto, "land belongs to the tiller". Thus legislature measures were undertaken to abolish Zamindari System. Intermediaries ceiling on holdings was fixed.

But it is a bad luck, these land reforms lack pr implementation. Even then, it is expected that if these reforms are implement seriously, it would yield better results which will be helpful to reduce the income of affluent section.

7. Spread of Education:

Education helps to bring out the best in human l| mind and spirit. Therefore, it is urgent to provide education facilities to all. The should be given special facilities of stipend, free books and contingency allowance Education will help to bring awakening among the poor and raise their mental faculty.

8. Social and Political Atmosphere:

Without the active co-operation of citizens and political leaders, poverty cannot be eradicated from India. A conducive social political atmosphere is a necessary condition for eradicating the poverty from its root.

9. To Provide Minimum Requirements:

Ensuring the supply of minimum needs to the poor sections of society can help in solving the problem of poverty. For this, the public procurement and distribution system should be improved and strengthened.