Short Notes on Pollution



Pollution whether it is of land, air, water or biosphere, must be reduced as our own survival is at stake. Some measures to reduce pollution are listed here:

Air Pollution

(i) Reduce the burning of fossil fuel.

(ii) Afforestation, this is to reduce the carbon dioxide content in the air.

(iii) More use of non-polluting resources for energy such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, tidal energy, etc.

(iv) Better automobile engines.

(v) Factories must be located away from the residential areas.

Water Pollution

(i) Effluents from the factories should not be channelized into rivers and seas.

(ii) Effluents from paper mills, sugar mills and tanneries must not be allowed to stagnate on land.

(iii) Factory effluents should be recycled.

(iv) Sewage disposal in rivers must not be allowed. It could be treated and the slush used as manure in fields.

(v) Care must be taken to prevent oil spills from tankers as it adversely affects marine life.