What are the disadvantages or Problems of Air Transport?



Air transport faced under noted problems/disadvantages:

1. High Costs:

Air transport in India is becoming very costly day by day with rising operational costs.

2. Non Co-operation of Staff:

Indian airlines are facing problems due to non-cooperation of the staff, such as, strikes by pilots, etc.

3. Outdated Planes:

Aviation technology is changing very fast. But our planes are outdated and not very safe. Consequently Indian airlines find it difficult to compete with the world airlines.

4. Huge Investments:

Creation of aviation facilities requires huge investments. The Government is least capable of increasing the number of planes and airports in the country. The private sector has its own limitations.

5. Inadequate Training Facilities:

There are no adequate facilities to train a large number of pilots in the country. On privatization of airlines we are again facing the problem of sufficient trained staff.

6. Maximization of Risks:

In air transport, risks are increasing day by day due to crime and terrorism, violence, hijacking, etc. all over the world.