Sample letter to the editor of a newspaper about insufficient number of buses in your area




Through the columns of your newspaper, I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the problem faced by the passengers on route no. 588 particularly during peak hours.

There is a heavy rush of passengers on this route from Ashok Nagar to Nehru Nagar and back. Although there is good number of buses plying on the route yet they are not sufficient to meet the demand, especially at peak hours. When thousands of people have to reach their workplace and return to their homes in the evening, more buses are needed. The passengers outnumber the buses.

The buses are packed to capacities at the starting points. The pick-pocketers are active. They take advantage of this mad rush. Women are the big sufferers. Not to talk of seats, they do not get sufficient space to stand comfortably. Lots of people get late for work. There is a rush for seats. People have to travel standing all along the way.

Thus, there is an urgent need for increasing the number of buses on the route so as to relieve the passengers of the woes of commuting. The authorities have been approached many times for help, but of no use. It is hoped that this time our genuine demand will be met.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,