List of four short paragraphs for students



List of four short paragraphs for students on 1. My Naughty Brother 2. A Scene outside the Cinema Hall 3. Power of Knowledge 4. Wood Is Good but Trees Are Better.

1. My Naughty Brother

Ajay is my brother. He is very naughty. He is up to one mischief or the other. He never sits still. He always thinks of new ways of making mischief. He is a great mischief-monger He bothers one and all. Wherever he goes he creates mischief. In school he is a challenge for his teachers. They have tried every method to improve him. My parents regularly receive complaints against him. They are fed up with his pranks. He is punished quite often. But he never mends his ways. What will become of him when he grows older? It is the vital questions which baffles every one at home. He is instructed again and again that he should shun naughtiness but it falls on his deaf ears. He is beyond correction. No doubt his pranks are harmless but are enough to irritate anyone. They cause unnecessary complications. They create problems. Most of the time, neighbours complaint against him. He makes excuses. He begs their pardon. He assures never to repeat the mischief. He swears not to repeat his naughty habits, but he forgets his promises. He again indulges in his useless pursuits. He does not attend to his studies regularly. This is a cause of concern for my parents. But they seem helpless before him. He is very careful and brilliant but not sincere. Despite all this, he is very loving and innocent. I love him too much.

2. A Scene outside the Cinema Hall

The cinema is a good means of recreation. It is one of the popular means of mass media. People are crazy for movies - toil day and night for their livelihood. They come to a cinema hall to enjoy and entertain themselves. There are a sea 0f people all around. There is a show of a hit movie of Shah Khan. The booking windows' are overcrowded. Every person their desires to watch the movie. In the meantime the booking window is adorned with a board "House Full", people's anxiety is increased. They seek the help of black marketers and spend more money to buy tickets. The police are there to maintain law and order, but of no avail. People involved in gossips and taking coffee seem to be getting impatient. They see their watches for the end of the running show. Their impatience is reflected in their gesture. The time comes. People are in a hurry for entrance. There is scuffle among some people. There is noise everywhere. It is very unpleasant to wait outside the cinema hall. But it is the popularity of cinema which makes them wait for hours.

3. Power of Knowledge

Think of the pre-historic man. He has no house to live in, no clothes to put on. He shivers in the cold. He spins out a miserable existence. But he thinks and observes. He learns new techniques, gains new knowledge. He fights through difficulties. He discovers and invents. He tames the turbulent rivers, harnesses the forces of nature. He invents wireless, telephone and telex, trains, cars and aeroplanes. He comes out of the Dark Ages. He exploits his mental faculty. He fathoms the depth of the oceans. He succeeds in controlling diseases. He spans the sky. He sends rocket into space. He hands on the moon. He makes the desert bloom. He brings about green revolution. He explores new regions. He reduces title space of time and distance. He makes the vast world a small village. To some extent, he succeeds in containing the vagaries of weather. It all is the result of his intelligence, toil and knowledge. He adds new dimension to knowledge. He involves new theories, new concepts. These are various manifestations of knowledge. Knowledge is power indeed.

4. Wood Is Good but Trees Are Better

What can be more attractive than wooden furniture? Those things which are extracted from nature are always good. In nature, there is beauty, there is strength, and there is every positive aspect. We exploit nature to survive. We also exploit nature for growth and development. Life is unbearable without nature. We also destroy nature for our luxuries. Sometimes we become ruthless towards nature which has given us so many things. This is not good. We cannot imagine a world without a tree. Trees purify the air. It brings rains. It is a source of many herbs, fruits and several things of commercial use. Trees provide shelter to many animals. They create balance in our environment. So today's perception is "to survive let the nature survive". It means that we should not destroy nature. Take care of nature, nature will look after you. So, wood is good but trees are better. Green lively trees are more useful than logs of wood. So, nature alive is more useful than nature dead. Protect nature to protect yourself.