List of Six short paragraphs for kids to read



List of Six short paragraphs for kids to read on 1. How I Celebrated My Birthday 2. Taking a Photograph 3. The Process of Making a Cup of Tea 4. Seat Reservation for a Journey 5. Driving a Car 6. Planting a Sapling.

1. How I Celebrated My Birthday

My birthday falls on the 10th of October. As usual, this year also it was celebrated with great pomp and show. It started in the morning with 'havan'. It was performed by the priests. This was, however, the religious part of birthday celebration. People from neighbourhood along with relatives were called. The priests and the elderly relatives blessed me for happy long life. I had invited all my friends. They all devoutly attended the 'havan'. By the evening, all the invitees arrived. They greeted me with the words, "Many happy returns of the day!" They offered me birthday presents. My father gave me a wrist watch- Then I cut my birthday cake. They sang in chorus: "Happy birthday to you." Then the guests were served tea and dainty dishes. After that a cultural programme was arranged. My cousin, Shreya, delighted us with a song. Many of my friends danced with joy. My friend Ravi, gave funny display of mono acting- By 11 p.m., all the guests went back to their homes. In this way we had a jolly good time. I thanked all my friends and relatives for their kind visit and good wishes and beautiful presents.

2. Taking a Photograph

Taking a photograph is an art. It requires skill. So many things combine to produce a good photograph. It includes sufficient lighting, proper angle, distance and position of camera accompanied with a sharp eye to check everything. To take a photograph, the camera is first loaded with the film carefully, avoiding exposure to light. Then the film is brought to the correct number for taking the photograph by operating the film advance lever. The aperture is set and the person is asked to pose. Then the distance of the person from the camera and the direction of the light are observed. Avoid facing the camera against the source of light. When you are satisfied with everything, remove the shutter cap and release the shutter. Ensure exact aperture adjustment to avoid over or under exposure. After taking the photograph, change the number of the film for the next exposure by operating the film advance lever. The photographs thus taken have to be processed in a studio to get the copies.

3. The Process of Making a Cup of Tea

Tea is a popular drink. The process of making a cup of is simple. Take water in a kettle according to your need of the quantity of tea. The kettle should be clean. Heat the water till it starts boiling. When the water has boiled for some time, put leaves of tea into it. Of course, the quantity of tea leaves added will vary according to your taste, whether you want strong, light or moderate tea. Take down the kettle and pour tea in a tea pot. Now boil milk and pour it into milk pot. Put some sugar in the pot. Also put spoons in the tray. Arrange all these things in a tray. If it is winter, cover the tea pot with a woolen cloth. Put the tray on table. Pour milk and sugar as per your choice in the cup. Then pour tea in it. Stir well to dissolve the sugar in it. Arrange all the things with cups on a table. The tea is ready to be enjoyed.

4. Seat Reservation for a Journey

When we have to undertake a long journey, we need to book a seat to ensure a comfortable journey. First of all, we are to make sure from the chart displayed at the reservation window whether a seat is available for the date on which we want to undertake the journey. When the seats are available, we are required to fill up the form. The number and name of the train, the journey date, the station up to which the reservation is sought-all these details are filled in the form. The name of the person who is to undertake the journey with his/her age and sex-are also required to be filled in the specified columns. Then the duly filled form is handed over to the clerk at the window. He collects the required amount of money and issues us tickets. In this age of information technology, we are not required to go to station. With the help of internet we can get a reservation ticket sitting in our room- It has made the task easier.

5. Driving a Car

Car driving is an enjoyment, a pleasure. Driving a car is an art, but one needs constant practice to become an efficient car driver. It is a well-known saying that practice makes a man perfect. First of all, one joins a motor driving school. There, one learns about handling various parts of the car such as steering wheel, brakes and accelerator, etc. One also learns all about the mechanism of the car. Then begins the practical training of driving a car under a competent car driver. Having gained mastery, one applies for a driving license to the concerned authority. The applicant is asked to appear for the test. When the test is okay, he/she is issued a driving license.

6. Planting a Sapling

Planting a sapling is a delicate process. It requires intense care and attention. A slight lack of attention can cause harm to the sapling. For planting a sapling, first of all, seeds are sown at a suitable spot which gets light and air in abundance which are required for the germinating of the seeds. The seeds sprout forth and tender plants appear. These tiny plants are uprooted and taken to the place where they are to be planted. While planting them, sufficient space is left in between for their growth. The whole process requires careful handling. Before planting a sapling, soil is prepared in advance. Proper amount of nutrients are added to it to make it suitable for the growth of sapling. It is watered regularly.