Why is Lumbering well Developed in the Coniferous Belt?



The economic activity involving felling, hauling, logging of timber is known as lumbering. It is well developed in the coniferous forest belt of the cool temper­ate lands, because:

(i) The coniferous forests have soft wooded trees which are easy to fell with modern machines (have a great economic value).

(ii) The land and rivers freeze which makes transportation of the logs easy.

(iii) The species of trees are few and the area is accessible.

(iv) The forests are well connected to the saw mills.

(v) There is no danger of forest fire.

(vi) The regions are nearer the industrial areas in USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. Therefore, there is a great demand. They are used for making wood pulp, paper, newsprint, synthetic fabric, and sports goods; packing boxes, match sticks, etc.