How does school help in preparing future citizens?



School is an agency recognized by the society and concerned mainly with the teaching of skills and knowledge. Children also learn to obey without question the commands of those who have social authority over them. School acts like a miniature society in itself, where children from different cultural, social, reli­gious and linguistic backgrounds come together and interact freely. A school can help in preparing future citizens in the following ways:

(a) School is the first step in training for good citizenship. Through the study of subjects like civics and political science, students become aware of their rights and duties. They understand the importance of their political rights and their stake in the functioning of the government.

(b) They become aware of some of the socio-economic problems facing a country.

(c) They express their opinion on national and international events.

(d) They imbibe certain civics attitudes like tolerance, cooperation, obedience and discipline.