Short essay on the Partition of Bengal



The British government showed no regard to the wishes of the people. In July 1905, the final scheme of the partition was announced. The eastern parts of Bengal were separated from the rest of Bengal and added to Assam. Thus a new province of Eastern Bengal and Assam was created. The partition came into effect on 16 October, 1905.

(a) The partition of Bengal led to wave of indignation throughout Bengal. Huge public meetings and massive demonstrations were held in different towns.

(b) A movement was launched to end the partition. It was led by both 'extremist' and 'moderate' leaders.

(c) The day of partition was observed as a day of mourning all over Bengal. All business came to a standstill. On the suggestion of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore the day was also observed as a day of unity and solidarity of the people.

(d) During the movement to lend the partition of Bengal, new methods of struggle were adopted. These methods, which included Swadeshi and Boycott, brought in participation by the common people in the anti-British political activities. The aims of nationalist movement also became more radical than before.