Brief notes on the Nature and Purposes of Vocational Guidance



The definitions and meaning of the term vocational guidance may help us to derive the following conclusions regarding its nature and purposes:

(1) Vocational guidance is a sort of assistance that is given to an individual by a competent individual.

(2) The assistance, given through vocational guidance helps an individual to get information about the world of work around him.

(3) It helps him to know himself his strengths and limitations etc. So that he can develop an adequate concept of himself and his role in the world of work.

(4) It further, helps him to make a proper decision regarding his occupation.

(5) It again helps him to prepare for entering into the desired professional.

(6) After that, vocational guidance helps an individual to get ab­sorbed in the occupation of his choice. He is acquainted with the sources and methods of utilizing job opportunities or is helped in seeking self-employment. In this way he gets opportunity for realizing his long cherished ambitions regarding his career or occupation.

(7) After entering into a vocation the individual is further into a vocation the guidance in his vocational adjustment. He is helped in making satisfactory progress in his vocation in such a way that it can bring greatest satisfaction and success to him and greatest benefit to the nation.

(8) Vocational guidance aims to bring economical prosperity to the individual as well as to the nation.

(9) It aims to all utilize all the available natural resources of the nation. For this purpose it helps the individuals to acquaint them with all such opportunities.

(10) It alms to stop the huge wastage and mis-utilization of the time, money and labour that may occur in the preparation or training of the individuals, for a particular profession, who are not suited to it. On the other hand, it aims to conserve human as well as national resources by placing the proper person at a proper place.