Here is your short essay on Wildlife



Wildlife is an integral part of our ecosystem. It is a matter of great concern that some species of wildlife have been already exterminated while some others are facing extinction. Such extinction of species, though a part of the natural scheme of things has become a matter of concern because the alarming rapidity for decades now.

Preservation of rate wildlife is of very great importance now. The writer of the place has discussed some of the cause of such extinction; the ecological imbalance caused by it and some ways to protect wildlife from extinction.

Extinction of species is not a novel phenomenon. It has been there ever life began on the earth. Since 1600, more than 200 species have become extinct.

The problem today is that men have become able to change the natural environment so rapidly that many kinds of animals are unable to adopt top the altered conditions. These forces of change have to be controlled.

Some of the causes of extinction of rate wildlife are killed them for commerce and sustenance, destroying their natural habitat by deforestation, over gazing by livestock, population of air and water and the construction of towns and factories.

The measures to be adopted for the presentation of wildlife are educating the public about the importance of wildlife for ecological balance, protecting wildlife from poachers, maintenance of their natural habitat establishment of parks and sanctuaries, breeding wild animals in captivity, controlling population of air and water etc.