What are the aims and objectives of Health Education in India?



Health education like general education is concern­ed with the change in knowledge, feelings and behavior of people. In its most usual ‘form it concentrates on developing such health practices as are believed to bring about the best possible state of well being'—(WHO).

The preservation of the child's health is no doubt the duty of the parents. But in most cases the child and his family do not know certain" essentials of health. Their indifference to utilize the medics'-al facilities of the community and to obtain the needed medical care is at times dangerous.

The aim of imparting health education to children is mainly to help them develop a sound physique and also to acquaint them with the laws of health, Highlighted below are a few of the objectives of health education:

(i) To cultivate the desirable health practices and health practices and health habits;

(ii) To develop the health attitudes;

(iii) To appreciate the health programmes undertaken by the school and community and to improve the school and community and to improve the necessary materials for the execution of that programme;

(iv) To develop health consciousness in the school and in the community;

(v) To teach pupils the rules for the preservation and development of their physical, mental and emotional health;

(vi) To eradicate the diseases through health drive programmes;

(vii) To combat the superstitions and prejudices in the community;

(viii) To provide a healthful environment for physical and mental growth;

(ix) To improve the general conditions of living in the community;

(x) To instruct the children and youth so as to conserve and improve their own health;

(xi) To influence the parents and other adults through the health-educative programme for better habits and attitudes in children.