Is freedom really necessary for Man?



Arguments for

1. If deprived of freedom man cannot develop his personality. By exchanging views with others he sharpens his intellect, by doing according to his own will he develops confidence and by taking his own decisions he gets satisfaction. So freedom helps him to develop intellectually and psychologically.

2. Only the free society can develop new ideas and new concepts. Without new ideas nations become stunted and people cannot be bold enough to take any initiative. Societies progress by experi­menting with new ideas.

3. It is only freedom that allows a person to lead a normal life only such persons can work properly, systematically and will­ingly. Slaves work if force is resorted to and as soon as pressure is removed they stop working.

Arguments against :

1. Freedom of man is something unpractical because there are so many checks upon him. Social inhibition, political de­mands and economic problems limit the freedom of man. So free­dom is just a notion and not a fact.

2. In civilized society man has rights as well as duties. If a person wants to enjoy freedom he must see that he is not encroach­ing upon the freedom of others. This means that his freedom is. not unchartered.

3. If man is given complete freedom it will be dangerous because a free person will rarely be a disciplined person. Moreover, he will always give premium to his personal needs. Thus he will come in conflict with the people as well as with the norms of social life.