Are we really Progressing?



Much of the progress that man has made is tagged with science. Man has conquered the forces of Nature, has landed upon the moon and discovered the mysteries of space. Apart from it, human heart can be transplanted, seeds which can give fruit within a short time have been developed and the wonder drugs have been made. Similarly, for giving comfort to his tired nerves man has radios, televisions and many other things of recreation. The world has become one and it is possible to develop international culture. But can this be called progress ?

Progress is a purposive change. Obviously, it can be scientific progress or moral progress. The mechanical progress lies in giving us better enjoyments and better machines and better knowledge of the world around us. But by the moral progress, we mean illumination of the spiritual self of man and so the cultivation of the finer qualities. If man becomes constructive and starts doing good to the human beings he makes progress in the real sense of the word. If man becomes a beast, it is not progress.

Material progress has made man analytical, objective and mechanical. He accepts those ideas only which express a definite knowledge and prove their worth by discovering new facts. Thus, he has become a part of the machine of society. So he has lost sympathy with others and love for humanity. So he, all the time, thinks of doing harm to others and also considers human beings nothing more than commodities. Clearly, man has not become moral.

Democracy is considered to be an achievement of the human progress. They say that everyone has the freedom of movement and speech. Man is considered to be independent and free. But it can be considered progress, only if man becomes moral. Demo­cracy has brought corruption in the society. The people in power always try to keep the common man in a state of ignorance. They always try to exploit human beings for their personal benefits. They don't enjoy their freedom to speak properly because their brains are stuffed with ideas by the newspapers and other media of propaganda-

It seems that the man has degenerated to the level of beasts. Some of the nations try to exploit other nations without bothering for the common man. A large number of the innocent people were unnecessarily killed in Vietnam. Similarly thousands were murder­ed in Bangladesh. Apart from this we have no respect for life. Adulterators mix extremely injurious things in the food stuffs. For getting money and earning money man is doing so many things that he seems to have become worse than a beast. When man is thirsty for the blood of the other man and when he is unable to realize the difficulties of the others, when there is useless exploitation, how can we say that the world has made progress ? World has not made progress in any sense of the word.