Essay on the School Assembly



It is a common practice to begin day's work in school with a morning assembly, wherein the entire bodies of school population assemble for common prayer or talks from teacher. The Morning Prayer has become a useful activity in all the schools.

Besides prayers of devotion to God, we can have patriotic songs, the flag-songs and songs in praise of our country and nation. There should be a rich variety in the songs; otherwise one prayer song for the whole year will create monotony.

The important objective of the collective gathering of the entire body of pupils is to make announcements regarding the daily work or the school routine. Announcements regarding tournaments, functions, elections, extension lectures, and changes in the time table, holidays, changes in the hour of work etc. can conveniently be made at this time.

The pupils get an opportunity to feel that the school is an organized group and they develop a sort of community spirit that is not possible if the classes remain isolated from each other and do not meet collectively.

The school assembly provides opportunity to the head­master and teacher to give talks on various topics of general interest, health and hygiene, reading habits, rules of the road, Panchayati Raj etc.


(i) The school assembly works as a unifying force. Students feel the school as an organized group and every student realizes that he is part and parcel of the school community.

(ii) Assembly works as a source of inspiration and its experiences widen and deepen students' interests.

(iii) It works as a platform for propagation of commendable work. Outstanding performances and achievements of students in curricular and co-curricular fields get recognized before the entire school. Badges, certificates, cups etc. should be awarded to the winners in the presence of entire school population.

(iv) School assembly serves as a place for developing audience habits. Respects for others' feelings, courtesy towards speakers and guests, sensible applause at the proper time, appreciative attitude are some of the good audience habits that the students develop through school assembly.

(v) Celebration of some of the important national and international days help in broadening the mental horizon of pupils and acquainting them with the life of great scientists, discovers and statesmen.

(vi) The pupils must come, sit and go in a disciplined manner, gossiping and taking are checked and the atmosphere is made calm and serene. No abusive remarks to students and no unpleasant things are spoken on the scared occasion of total gathering of the school.