Guidelines for Maintaining Cumulative Record Card in Schools



A cumulative record is a systematic account of information about a student. It is an evaluation tool which presents a comprehensive record of the achievement or otherwise of each student in different aspect-physical academic, moral, social and health. It begins as soon as the child enters the school and continues till he leaves the school. The information written in the cumulative record cards is collected from different sources over a period of time.

Need of the Cumulative Record Card

The cumulative Record card of a student is needed for the following important points.

1. To give a complete picture of a pupil's all round progress in different areas i.e. physical, academic, moral, social and health.

2. To assess the child, his potentialities, interest, aptitude and talents.

3. To provide proper guidance and counselling taking into consideration of students curricular and co- curricular achievements.

4. To help parents and teachers in the placement of pupil after the completion of schooling /study.

Content of a Cumulative Record Card (CRC)

The cumulative record card records the following information regarding different aspects of pupils development.

1. Personal data — Personal data give introductory information about a child like his name, sex, date of birth, age, permanent address, parents name and family background.

2. Academic data —It deals with the information about the previous schools attended earlier, present grade or class, roll number, examinations appeared, results, division and percentage of marks in each examination failures, percentage of attendance etc.

3. Health data — It reveals information regarding height, weight, blood pressure, communicable diseases if any, treatments given, food habits, exercise parental disease if any, care taken if handicap etc.

Co-curricular activities data — the child's participation in different co-curricular activities, leadership qualities, certificates awarded, prizes and medals received are recorded in it.

Personality characteristics — this reveals the psychological aspects like intellectual ability self- confidence, emotional stability, leadership qualities, tolerance, initiative and sense of responsibility etc.

Record of counselling and guidance —the problems found with the child, date of interview, reasons discovered, remedial measures taken, following programmes etc. are mentioned in the card.

General over all Remarks — General remarks by the class teacher and Headmaster on the performance and talents of the pupil.

Guidelines for Maintaining Cumulative Record Card:

1. The teachers should in-charge of maintaining cumulative records he should make the entries up-to-date.

2. Required information should be collected from various person like parents, friends, subject teachers and child himself by different techniques.

3. Different techniques should be used to collect information about a child i.e. psychological tests, observations by teachers, Examination result etc.

4. The teachers’ in-charge of maintaining cumulative records should be given proper orientation and training about how to maintain it.

5. Secret or confidential matters should find a place in it but a separate file may be made for such entries.

6. The guidance worker of the school should be in overall charge of maintenances of cumulative records.

7. Cumulative record cards maintenance should be supervised by the Head master and Inspector of schools.