191 words paragraph on Untouchability

India is a country that is governed by Caste System. Caste System in spite of every possible efforts of the Government to remove it, has continued to form an important part of Indian Social Life. This is truer of the Indian rural society which is not perfectly educated. Because of the Caste System, the institution of ‘untouchability’ has been there. Those who belong to particular caste and are known as ‘Sudras’ are considered as untouchables. Evil of untouchability has not been confined to the Sudras alone. The superior castes consider other inferior to them as untouchables. There are about 10 crores of people who according to Caste System are known as ‘Scheduled Castes’ and so treated as untouchables. This problem of untouchability is in fact a problem of social evil. As a result of this social evil certain disabilities are placed on the people of the caste who are known as Harijans. It was Mahatma Gandhi who started campaign against it. Sccording to Dr. D.N. Majumdar:  “The untouchable castes are those who suffer from various social and political disabilities many of which are traditionally prescribed and socially enforced by higher castes.”