Curriculum and Method of Teaching of Population Education



The outline of the content of population Education may be as follows:

(i) History of population growth in the world and in India causes trends and implications.

(ii) Population situation in family, community, country and world.

(iii) Both quantitative and qualitative aspects of population growth.

(iv) Change of population structure, migration decline and other phenomena.

(v) Effect of population growth on economic, social cultural and political aspects.

(vi) Practical work like preparing demographic charts, conducting population survey.

At different levels of education, population education should be imparted through different subjects and co-curricular activities. Information about population can be included in the subjects like geography, history, civics, literature etc. Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities can be organized in a befitting manner to impart population to the students. Co-curricular activities include the following:

(i) Conducting surveys of population trends.

(ii) Preparing genealogical charts.

(iii) Organizing dramas and variety shows.

(iv) Organizing seminars and discussions.

(v) Displaying maps, charts, paper cuts, bullets etc. pertaining to population education.

Methods of Teaching

Methods of teaching to communicate the contents of population education to the learners are of different types, While selecting the methods, the teachers should take into account the number of people to be taught, nature of the subject and contact matter, level of understanding of the learners, their interest, availability of funds and teaching materials etc. To impart population education methods like group discussion, seminar, workshop lecture, demonstration, study tours, programmed instruction and TV materials life films, television programme and other sophisticated Scientific devices are effective.

Role of Teacher

Teachers are given short term training on population education which is not sufficient. As population is an important aspect of our development the teachers should be fully aware of the dynamics of population growth, its causes and consequences- The teachers should impart population education to the students with great sincerity and care. He should relate the examples 01 common life to inculcate the spirit of population knowledge among the pupil.