Short essay on The Teacher's Day



There was a great Philosopher in India. He was named Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was also a teacher. As a professor he taught in many universities in India and abroad. He was also a great freedom fighter. But the Indians know him more as the former president of India. He had a deep love for the profession of teaching. He loved the teacher's community.

So his birth day is observed as the Teachers' Day in India. He was born on 5 September 1888. He was a philosopher, educationist, humanist and religious thinker. He was also a gifted speaker and a writer, a statesman and diplomat. He wrote many books on religion and philosophy.

Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that the teachers are the real makers of the future citizens of India. Without the good advice of a teacher, nobody can be great. Teachers played a very important role in ancient India. They taught discipline, morality and manners. Those who obeyed their teachers became famous in different fields.

Thus, the tradition of obeying teachers is rooted in India's past. But teachers are neglected at present. They do not get due prestige in our society. Radhakrishnan pleaded for the upliftment in the status of the teachers in India. First of all, they should be shown proper respect.

The Teachers' Day is observed on 5th September every year to pay honour to Dr. Radhakrishnan as well as to the teachers' community. In educational institutions all over India, this day is observed with seriousness. Students go to the houses of their teachers, offer them garlands and flower bouquets and in return seek their blessings. The teachers also do not hesitate to shower their blessings on their students. This is how; a healthy relationship is maintained between students and teachers in educational institutions.

In our school we observe the Teachers' Day. That day we invite the teachers to a meeting place. We offer them flowers. Some girl students sing a song in respect of our teachers. In that song, various good qualities of our teachers are described. The monitor of each class gives a short speech about the significance of the day.

Finally, the Headmaster of the school in his brief speech encourages the students with good wishes and blessings. In the long run we offer tea and snacks to our beloved teachers. Thus we traditionally observe the Teachers' Day.

But it is sad to note that the teacher-student relationship has deteriorated at present. Instead of being modest, the students at present have become malicious. They have no love for learning. So they have no respect for their teachers. Some money minded teachers have also contaminated the atmosphere of teaching in schools and colleges. At present it is necessary for us to realise the value of the Teachers' Day.