Sample Essay on My Hobby



The utilisation of leisure hours in pleasurable engagements is called hobby. The life style of every human being in the day to day world seems to be machine like. Despite the routine life, we find some spare time which we can utilise profitably and can earn some profit simultaneously. Thus hobby is a new kind of habit that is different from our normal work.

Man is generally guided by the natural habits inherent in him. When the number of good habits increases in an individual his goodness increases naturally to a considerable extent.

Once an individual acquires a hobby he becomes active and cheerful. In other words the acquisition of a hobby saves a man from being dull, inactive and sloth. It increases the existing knowledge of an individual. Hobbies or habits are formed by repetition.

Different individuals have different hobbies. Some people are on the hobby of collecting stamps or philately. Some have fascination for writing books and editing in newspapers. The person engaged in the. Hobby of philately develops a love for geography and a person continually engaged in writing establishes himself as a writer of future days. Without any hobby of our own, our life would have been void of charm and pleasure.

I engage myself in the hobby of gardening. I think by this way I make the proper use of time. I derive great pleasure as the saplings planted by me grow into big trees and the children of my neighborhood pass their time under it. M work in the garden in the leisure hours gives me untold pleasure. Moreover the work builds up my mind and body by utilising the time in gardening, I remain away from idleness gossip.

The garden is at a little distance from my home. As I return from school I water the plants with the help of an electricity operated pump. The vegetable plants provide me, enough vegetables in the season of autumn. I also grow some mango, lemon, cashew, and coconut and guava plants in the garden. Another side of the garden is used for growing flower.

I prepare the soil as designed by the horticulturists for sowing flower seeds in them. I prepare beds for flowers and vegetable seeds timely. The flowers of different colours and scent seem to smile of me. I am punctual and industrious in attending the plants twice a day. I am assisted by a gardener when the tasks seem to be heavy. I plant the sapling in an orderly way so as to give the observers a beauteous look. As the flowers bloom and the fruit bearing trees bear fruit I forget my worries, anxieties. I never remain in the scarcity of vegetables and edible fruits.

Rather I derive some profit out of the sale of vegetables and fruits on the markets. The flowers are also of great demand during the occasion of Puja and marriage.

Thus, I have adopted a hobby that gives me profit and pleasure. I have taken this since I do not like aimlessly strolling about with idle companions or reading worthless books or to be engaged in useless occupations.