Short essay on Truthfulness



Truthfulness is a virtue. It is very easy and often very difficult to be truthful. Ordinarily, by truthfulness we mean speaking truth. But one should be truthful in his words, his thought and his action. If he speaks truth and does the reverse then he is not truthful. Therefore, to be truthful is' really a very difficult thing.

We believe that there is reward in heaven for our noble deeds. Similarly we are given harsh punishment for our vices and miss-deeds. Truthfulness is a means of getting reward from God. God is omniscient. He observes all our actions. To be truthful is to win the favour of God.

Truthfulness has a deep impact upon our moral character. A truthful person is trusted in every work. He is respected everywhere. Even his children enjoy the result of his virtue of truthfulness. The character of a truthful person shines like gold.

In the Tretaya age, Lord Rarnachandra was truthful. As a Prince he was truthful to His mother's command. He respected His father's order and went to the forest for fourteen years by sacrificing the throne of Ayodhya to his younger brother Bharat. He acted truthfully. He even deserted his dear wife Sita being truthful to the impression of the common men in the kingdom.

In India Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi was a truthful man. He exercised love and non-violence against the British rulers and won freedom for our country. He not only spoke truth, but also acted and thought truthfully. He wore Khadi and told people to wear it. He became mentally upset when any Indian showed violent behaviour to the British ruler. He himself adopted simple living and told others to follow it.

A truthful person like Mahatma Gandhi is never disturbed by fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety enter the mind of a liar, not a truthful man. His life and character become an example for others. He inspires others to be truthful.

Now-a-days, the meaning of truthfulness has changed. It is a deceptive word today. By trying to be truthful, people are telling half-truths which are more dangerous than pure lie.

For example, the parents of a young boy while trying to negotiate a marriage proposal for him gently declare that they do not want any dowry for their son. The son himself also shows his simplicity. But their real greed for wealth remains hidden in their minds. Immediately after marriage they begin to torture the bride and force her to bring dowry from her parents. Truthful persons never do such thing.