Sample letter to the Municipality complaining against the insanitary condition in your locality



This is a sample complaint later to Municipality Chairman complaining against the insanitary condition in your locality.


The Chairman,

Municipality Name


Sub.: Insanitary condition-in Ward No. 12.


I, on behalf of the residents of the Ward No. 12 have the honour to invite your attention to the insanitary conditions prevailing in our ward.

In the absence of proper arrangement, the sanitation in our locality has become a store house of filth and dirt. The streets remain un-swept for weeks together and rubbish is gathered in heaps at street corners. Drains, too, have not been cleaned for quite a long time. They have become a breeding place for flies and mosquitoes.

We have brought these things to the notice of the Area Health Supervisor and the Sanitary Inspector but to no apparent result. If immediate steps are not taken in this connection the insanitary conditions may become a serious threat to the health of the residents of this locality.

I would therefore, request you kindly to look into the matter personally and make necessary sanitary arrangements in the locality.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name