The process of Impeachment of the President of India

The President of India can be removed from the office for violation of the constitution by impeachment. Such a motion of impeachment can be initiated by any House of Parliament In such a case one fourth of the members, of the house, intending to move such a motion have to serve a fourteen days notice in writing. After the completion of the stipulated period the motion is discussed and put to vote.

If two-thirds of the members support the motion that it is passed for consideration of the other House. The other House on receiving the motion investigates the changes. The President is allowed the opportunity to present his defence either in person or through his nominee. If the House despite the defence supports the motion by two-thirds majority the President stands impeached.

The President of India is entitled to certain legal immunity during his tenure. He is not answerable to any court of law while discharging his responsibilities. He cannot be arrested or imprisoned in connection with any civil or criminal case. However civil suits may be instituted against him by serving at least two months notice.