Short Biography of Pritilata Waddedar



Pritilata Waddedar (1911-1932) was born in Chittagong (Bangladesh) in 1911- She plunged into politics at an early age and joined various student organisations.

Later, she became the disciple of Surya Sen, the leader of the Chittagong group of revolutionaries. Under Sen's influence, she came to believe that the British could be ousted only through violent and armed rebellions; the weak policies of the Congress were no match to the might of the British dominion.

Pritilata and her comrades organised several terrorist attacks in Bengal, thus creating panic among the colonial rulers and challenging their invincibility. The hallmark of Preetilata's career was the courageous attack on the Paharthali European

Club at Chittagong on September 24, 1932. Though she escaped unhurt, the police launched a frantic search for her. Pritilata preferred death to confinement and when she realised she could no longer hide, she consumed potassium cyanide in 1932. Her death, however, set an example of selfless service for others to follow.