Notes on the forms of corruption in India



In Indian political and social system, corruption has the following forms:

(i) Misuse of Power:

Nearly all political leaders, caste leaders and bureaucrats misuse their power. They try to get all government contracts, petrol pumps, gas agencies for their family members or for those who pay them money.

(ii) Election Expenses:

Election in India is a costly process. Political parties and candidates spend big amount of money. They collect money from big industries and capitalists and distribute money, sewing machines, blankets, cycle, clothes and even wine etc. to bribe the voters. Thus, with this aim, they indulge in corrupt practices.

(iii) Misuse of Government Machinery and Mass Media by the Ruling Party:

Almost all the political parties misuse government resources and mass-media to glorify their leaders and propogates their policies and programmes. They even put under pressure on election officers.

(iv) Low Quality Materials:

When contracts for building, roads, bridges and flyovers are given after exchange of money, contractors use low grade material in their work. Bureaucrats also indulge incorruption to raise and maintain high standard of their living.

In this way, corruption is doing great harm our system.